Day 2: Healthy Life ‘Cherish The Moment’!

Hello again… So I’ve been thinking a lot about life, my life. As I grow older things have become more complicated and hard to understand. Many times I found myself stuck and afraid. I didn’t know what to do and I was confused all the time. Life goes so fast while you have to keep up with everything in this world. I was just tired. So I said, enough! I said to myself, ‘Am I destined to live my life this way?’, I know life isn’t easy but do I have to live my life feeling miserable?’ I cried terribly knowing … Continue reading Day 2: Healthy Life ‘Cherish The Moment’!

Day 1: Coffee is my drug of choice! (and first time going to gold shop)

I don’t know about you guys but coffee is definitely my ‘drug of choice’! Today I went to a local market near my house and the local market is called ‘Pasar Ampera’ (pasar is Indonesian translation for ‘local market’). Well, that pasar is not a big market, instead it was a fairly small one. That market basically sells fresh and raw ingredients and kitchen stuff, but there is one old Chinese shop that sells a freaking delicious coffee bean! That particular old shop (I don’t know that shop name) is run by an old Chinese couple and they are a very nice … Continue reading Day 1: Coffee is my drug of choice! (and first time going to gold shop)

[Life to share] – Gaya Hidup Sehat ala Indonesia!

Hallo teman-teman! Pertama-tama, aku ingin menyampaikan bahwa tulisan-tulisan dalam blog ini memang ditujukkan untuk sharing bersama kita. Sebagai penulis konten yang akan kamu baca ini, aku perlu mengklaim diriku sebagai seseorang yang bukan merupakan ahli dalam bidang kesehatan. Aku hanya ingin membagikan pengalaman hidupku, jadi aku sangat berharap kita bisa saling membagi pemikiran dan masukkan yang akan mengedukasi kita bersama. Mari kita mulai. Intermezzo ‘Gaya Hidup’ Sehat! Sebagai pembuka, aku ingin sedikit membahas pengalaman hidupku sejak kecil hingga beranjak dewasa saat ini. Di Indonesia, harus disadari (atau at least yang aku dapati), literasi kita mengenai kesehatan dan gaya hidup yang sehat cukup terbilang kurang … Continue reading [Life to share] – Gaya Hidup Sehat ala Indonesia!

Teh Serai Jahe(Lemongrass Ginger Tea)

Good Day everyone! Today I’ll be sharing a cup of Indonesian Traditional drink which is Teh Serai Jahe (or in English literally translated as Lemongrass Ginger Tea). In Indonesia Lemongrass is being called Serai and Ginger is being called Jahe. … Continue reading Teh Serai Jahe(Lemongrass Ginger Tea)

Organic Fruit Market : Pasar Buah Pulo Gadung

    Good Day people! So today, I just got back from a local fruit market near my house, it is located in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, Indonesia. As you see there are lots and lots of watermelon and pineapple in there. My aunt bought 25 pineapples to make a pineapple jam for Nastar cookies. The pineapple jam then will be put inside the cookies. So it will look like this: Sources: google We will make this soon because my aunt that has a catering business just got some orders to make this cookie for Eid celebration. Eid Mubarak will … Continue reading Organic Fruit Market : Pasar Buah Pulo Gadung

A typical afternoon

In Indonesia, people will be celebrating  Eid soon. So this is a particular time according to Islam teaching when Muslim people have to fast in order to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad and this period of time is called Ramadhan month. So this was a typical afternoon at this Ramadhan month in Bandung, I took this picture on my way to my flat, I saw the silhouette and trees, and of course that very moment was incredible so I stopped and decided to capture it and share with you guys.   Good Night, Love Continue reading A typical afternoon